Looking for something different for your next professional learning day?

Bring your arts or instrumental music team together with a guided and goal focussed session, tailored specifically to the needs of your school program.

Assess and develop your school concerts / events through mediated discussions and

personalised templates.

Create performing arts focussed evaluations and strategic plans.


All sessions available onsite or online.


Revive and revamp your end of year concert events!

Create high quality and engaging events for students, staff and audiences. This two-hour session is an invaluable opportunity to review your schools current concert formulas and explore new ideas, standards and processes.


Selecting age appropriate repertoire and research skills for Middle Primary through to VCE. If

eight-year olds singing Adele and fifteen-year olds singing about making love gets you un-
comfortable and nauseous, this is the session for you! Gain some viable tools for navigating

student conversations and setting students up for successful (and age appropriate) performances.  Two-hour duration.

Drew Downing Melbourne Music Green



Seeking advice or new ideas for your school music or enrichment programs?

Available for consultation during school terms.

Student Recruitment | Ensemble Programs | Concert Events / School Musicals

Vocal  and Choral Programs | Community Outreach

Individual and ongoing consultations are available for primary and secondary schools.

School visits and online options.


Please email for more information.




Limited casual and ongoing places for private tuition for students aged 14 - 19.

UPDATE: There are currently no private tuition places available (January 2022)